A Pledge to Sarah

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s behind this website?

Friends of Sarah Jones made this website as a response to her passing and in the hopes that no one ever has to lose a friend again due to set safety issues.

So why aren’t their names on the site?

Because they felt that this movement should be organic in nature and should be for and by the entire film community. After launch, they want it to grow on its own and become something larger than they could ever dream of.

Are you saying that the unions and guilds don’t do enough? Is this an anti union movement?

Not in any way, in fact this is a pro union pledge. The unions have put a lot of safety measures in place and continue to do so. But sets can only be safe if the people on those sets know what the safety rules are and are vigilant in their safety measures. The unions can’t be everywhere at all times and the crew needs a reminder from time to time that they are the union voice on any set and that they need to speak up when they feel safety is being compromised. No union would ever say that they don’t need their members to remain aware of safety.

So sets are dangerous places?

In theory they can be, depending on the work, but as a rule they don’t have to be. People can get injured by a helicopter just as easily as they can be by a falling light or an action called too early. Sets are complicated busy places and can sometimes have upwards of 100 people so things can happen and vigilance is how sets remain safe.

Isn't it the ADs and Key Grips job to make sure that set safety is enforced?

Absolutely as it is part of their job description and most take that job very seriously. The AD and the Key Grip have a myriad of responsibilities and it isn’t humanly possible for them to have their eyes on all crew members at all times. They need the crew to help them in this quest.

This sounds like it’s anti-production since they are the ones always pushing for things to move faster. Is it?

Absolutely not. It’s not anti anything. It’s pro-speaking up. No one in production wants to see anyone get hurt on set. While it’s true that budgets are shrinking and crews are working faster and faster, no one feels that safety should suffer as a result. No one wants to have to make that call home after an accident, but sometimes we need to be reminded of that. This pledge is for everyone, from the newest PA to the highest paid actor and everyone in between.

Can’t I just call the Safety Hotline if I’m concerned?

The Safety Hotline is an amazing and important tool that our unions have put in place, but the point of this pledge is to address problems before they get to that point. In general, set concerns will be addressed after someone speaks up but if no one does, out of fear of reprisal or looking like they are the weak link, things can become unsafe. At that point the Safety Hotline is important but the hope is that it never gets to that point.