A Pledge to Sarah

Here's what you can do next

  1. Tell everyone you know about The Pledge and ask if they have taken it.
  2. Share the site via email, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms you may use.
  3. Visit our Facebook page and post up that you've taken the pledge.
  4. Announce on set that you have taken The Pledge and ask everyone else to do so including production, actors, writers, directors and beyond. Put it on the call sheet as well!
  5. Print the safety numbers on our Set Safety page, keep them handy, and hand them out to your crew.
  6. Make a “name tag” for your shirt that says “I’ve Taken Sarah’s Pledge, Have You?” so others will ask you about it.
  7. Have a safety meeting with your department every morning and remind each other that vigilance is key.
  8. Know that this is only the beginning and that you are part of the change that is taking place.

Thank you for speaking up.

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Sarah Jones Scholarship Fund
c/o Brookland-Cayce High School
1300 State Street, Cayce, SC 29033

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